Frequently Asked Questions

Buying a Car from Heartland Kia Castle Hill

Why buy from Heartland Kia Castle Hill?
Where does Heartland Kia Castle Hill source the vehicles?

The journey

What payment methods are available?
How can I organise delivery?
Who do I contact if there are issues with my delivery?
What if the vehicle is damaged, who do I contact?
Is it insured when being transported?
Do you deliver out of business hours?
Can I have it delivered to my place of work?
How long can I reserve a vehicle?
Who pays for the cost if I want to return the vehicle?
Can I download and email the car history report?
How do I contact roadside assist?
What is included in the free protection plan?
Can I test drive the car?
Do you offer finance or vehicles loans?
Can I get car insurance through Heartland Kia Castle Hill?
Do you offer commercial loans?
What is a credit score?


Where can I find more information about returning my vehicles
Is there a limit on kms the vehicle has travelled in the 14 days?
What if I have finance on the vehicle?
Does the return policy apply to commercial vehicles?
Who do I contact to return the vehicle?
Are there any fees and charges to return the vehicle?
Do I get my registration and stamp duty costs back?
Can I exchange the vehicle instead of receiving a refund?
How long does it take to receive a refund?
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